April 2020 Construction Update

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe during these difficult times. Though construction is likely not top of mind for you, we thought that we could all use some good news right now! Despite the extra social distancing and safety precautions being taken on site, we are still making excellent progress on the construction of Phase 1 due to the great weather we have been having. We are fortunate that at this stage we are more dependent on individuals operating machinery than a lot of labour, so we have not needed to reduce output to meet the current safety requirements.

As you’ll see in the images below, we have made a lot of headway in the past few weeks:

  • We have reached the full depth of excavation on most of the phase 1 portion of the site.
  • Forming is well underway and we’ve begun pouring concrete.
  • The crane pad is nearing completion and we expect the crane to be erected later this month.