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Closing Process

1. Contract Changes Deadline
Panatch Group is no longer accepting changes to the colour scheme selections.

2. Legal Information
We will need to know who will be representing you through the completion stage of your purchase. We will be reaching out prior to completion to obtain this information. We are happy to recommend some local lawyers and notaries.

3. 90 Day Completion Update
Approximately three months prior to completion, we will send a preliminary 90-day completion update with important next steps for your closing process. At this time we will take the opportunity to introduce our customer service representative that will be conducting your homeowner orientations. This will also include a reminder to choose your lawyer or notary as well as your mortgage lender.

4. 60 Day Completion Update
Approximately two months prior to completion, we will send a 60-day completion update. This will include an introduction to the Property Management company, and remind you to ensure that you have sent in your legal information to kate@50electronicave.com. We will also include additional information that might be helpful as you plan for completion and your upcoming move.

5. 30 Day Completion Update
One month prior to completion, we will send a final completion update. This update will provide information about the completion process and timeline, outlining important dates and move-in scheduling and any actions you need to take at this time in preparation of your upcoming completion day.

6. Notice of Completion
Once we have been granted an Occupancy Permit by the City of Port Moody, an official Completion Date will be determined. A formal notification will be provided to your legal representative (lawyer/notary) no later than 14 days before your Completion Date.

7. Statement of Adjustments
The Statement of Adjustments is a document that your lawyer or notary will prepare at the time of closing. It will outline the financial details of your home purchase and will set out the total amount of your purchase. This will be paid at the time of completion.

8. Completion and Possession
The Completion Date is the date you pay for your home and the title is transferred into your name. The Possession Date is the date you receive your keys and take possession of your new home at 50 Electronic Avenue. Once your Completion Date has been confirmed, a member of our team will contact you to schedule an appointment on your Possession Date – at which time we’ll have the pleasure of handing over the keys to your new home!