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$1,000 for all 1 bedroom homes
$1,250 for all 2 bedroom homes

1-bedroom homes:
$1,000 per month x 24 month early possession period = $24,000 + $10,000 accumulated deposit = $34,000 total deposit
2-bedroom homes:
$1,250 per month x 24 month early possession period = $30,000 + $10,000 accumulated deposit = $40,000 total deposit

On or before the Early Possession Date, you will provide Panatch Group with 24 post-dated cheques payable to "50 Electronic (Residential) Limited Partnership" for each monthly installment or you can participate in a pre-authorized payment plan. If you wish to participate in the pre-authorized payment plan, please contact us at kate@50electronicave.com to request a copy of this form.

Yes, there is one more installment to be paid. A final deposit of $5,000 is to be paid on or before the Early Possession Date. All deposits paid will be applied to the purchase price of the home at the end of your 2-year early possession term.

This is the day you will receive your keys to your new home. Your Completion Date will be once your term has ended and you complete the purchase of your home with your accumulated monthly installments and deposit funds.

You are able to terminate the agreement at any time prior to Completion with 60-days written notice to Panatch Group. If you do not complete your purchase, your deposit will be returned to you. However, all monthly installments paid will not be refunded.

We recommend giving notice after you have received the formal written Notice of Early Possession from us. Please note, we are not responsible for the terms of your rental agreement, so we suggest you have a clear understanding of your legal obligations to your landlord.

Phase 1 - 3131 Murray Street, Port Moody, BC
Phase 2 - 55 Klahanie Drive, Port Moody, BC

Parking and storage allocations are done closer to your Early Possession Date. A Panatch Group representative will be happy to show you where your parking stall and locker(s) are located during your possession orientation. Your parking stall and storage locker(s) will also be identified in your Closing documents.

Once your Early Possession Date has been confirmed, a member of our team will contact you to schedule an appointment to arrange key handover. If you would like to send someone to pickup your keys on your behalf, please contact Panatch Group at kate@50electronicave.com